Horror Author Aria Cain
Downtown Gabriel in Cull County

Welcome to Cull County

It could be any small town. Overgrown farms and single-wides huddle along the Catawma River. Route 41 finally got a stop light, though there’s no reason for anyone to stop. Unless, of course, you want to slow down to see the spot near the ditch where they found Janie Dickson’s head.

In the town of Gabriel, something lurks just around every shadowed corner. Guttural noises trickle through the night air. Visitors arrive and never leave. Locals look the other way while praying for their own. This is life — and death — for the scarred souls that inhabit Cull County.

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A Haunts & Hollows Travel Guide

From its historic coastal cities to the antebellum plantations of a society long passed, Georgia has no shortage of destinations for those who love to explore. Behind the rich facade, however, lies a grim legacy steeped in the dark, the bizarre, and the macabre. Every Haunts & Hollows road trip guide takes you on step-by-step tours of the hidden and unexpected — forgotten family graves, abandoned burial sites, true crime scenes, paranormal encounters, and historic mysteries — with GPS coordinates, historical references, and more.

Coming Soon

Invasive Species

A Cull County Collection

Horror can be found in the most innocent of places. A deserted greenhouse, an all-night chicken joint, the mirror on your bedroom wall. In a sinister snap, the familiar can instill dread, and the commonplace can offer only terror. This collection of ten short stories and a full-length novella offers a glimpse into the pervasive fear that forms the bedrock of life in Cull County.

Live Bait

A Cull County Novel

Kevin wasn’t just looking for a lift home, he was hoping for an escape. Gabriel, he thought, might be a safe haven from a year of dangerous choices. When his ride takes a left turn into terror, he finds himself hunted by a demented hitchhiker, a pair of savage killers, and something far more dark and deadly. Now Kevin knows he’s only the lure in a blood thirsty game that none of them will survive.

A House of Cinders

A Novel of Southern Gothic Horror

Growing up, Ettie knew little of her Southern kin and their lives at crumbling Hinnom Hall. Her grandmother would whisper only that evil grew its grounds like weeds. Ettie worries that an invitation to spend a summer there seems too good to be true.— she should learn to trust her instincts. As her new home becomes a prison, she finds herself trapped in a nightmare as ancient and hungry as hate itself.

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Horror Author Aria Cain

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